Automation tool Introduction

Automation tool Introduction

In software testing life cycle users will go through test cases execution repeatedly whenever new fix or change request or to validate regression testing so testers keep on do the same test many times to make sure that application is working fine without bugs. But testing frequently its time consuming and tester may not test effectively every time so there is a chance of missing bugs.

Solution for above problem converting manual test cases in automate scripts and run whenever need and run many number of times.

Now Question comes How to do automation?

Answer is Automation tool.

Again question comes to mind whether tool is commercial (paid license) or open source?

Open source tools are free you can work for free without any license. So client happy ?

Which open source tool is good and powerful in market?

It’s none other than Selenium webdriver. If you want to learn please go through my articles.

If you have any queries please do comments..

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