Selenium Interview Questions 2020

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In this article, I will list out Selenium Interview Questions 2020 along with TestNG and java questions. These are real-time interview questions faced recently from top MNC companies. If you are good with this you can go ahead and crack the interview. I didn’t add answers if you need answers then let me know. I will add but I suggest you can add based on your project related and represent with a good example then they will have a good impression.

Selenium Interview Questions 2020:

  1. Tell me about yourself? or Describe about yourself?
  2. How to handle alerts or popups and what methods you will use?
  3. How to retrieve the data present in the text box?
  4. How to handle multiple windows and what methods you will use?
  5. How to switch a-frames and how you handle if the webpage has frames within frames?
  6. How to handle broken links?
  7. Difference between implicitly wait and explicitly wait with examples?
  8. How to mouse hover sub-menu and click the element?
  9. How to drag and drop the element?
  10. How to handle drop-down and how to print all the elements present in a drop-down?
  11. What is a web driver?
  12. How to run a test case without a browser?
  13. What kind of reports you have been used in your projects?
  14. How to handle dynamic web table?
  15. How to handle authentication pop up?
  16. Difference between absolute XPath and relative XPath? which one do you prefer?
  17. How to handle dynamic web elements?
  18. How to upload and download a file?
  19. How to read and write data using excel?
  20. How do you validate whether you have clicked on the element or checkbox? or radio button?
  21. How to take a screenshot?
  22. Difference between close and quit?
  23. What kind of exceptions you have faced?
  24. Explain the line of code WebDriver driver=new ChromeDriver();
  25. How to handle hidden web elements?
  26. What are the challenges or limitations in selenium?
  27. What are the desired capabilities?
  28. How to scroll up and down a webpage?
  29. List out all the locators?
  30. What kind of framework you have been using?

TestNg Interview Questions 2020

  1. What are the annotations available in TestNg?
  2. list out execution sequence of all annotations?
  3. How to run failed test cases alone?
  4. How to run a specific group of test cases?
  5. How to run test cases parallel?
  6. How to skip or ignore a few test cases?
  7. What is a data provider? How it will be useful?
  8. How to set priority for a few test cases?
  9. List out commonly used TestNG Assertions?
  10. How to run all test cases?

Java Interview Questions 2020

  1. Tell me about the oops concept and where you have been applied in ur project?
  2. Difference between method overloading and overriding
  3. What is the use of static keyword?
  4. Tell me about access specifiers?
  5. What is the use of a super keyword?
  6. What is the inner class?
  7. What is an interface?
  8. Difference between interface and abstract class?
  9. What is the parent of all the classes?
  10. What is inheritance? Why it is not supported by multiple inheritance?
  11. What are the string methods?
  12. Difference between local and instance variable?
  13. Difference between list and set?
  14. Difference between HashMap and HashSet?
  15. Difference between HashMap and HashTable?
  16. Difference between array and ArrayList?
  17. Write a program for the Fibonacci series?
  18. Write a java program to find the sum of n numbers?
  19. Write a java program to print even/odd/prime numbers?
  20. Write a java program to reverse a string?
  21. Write a program to print the count of characters in a given string?
  22. Write a program to find duplicate words in a given string?
  23. Write a program to print the smallest or largest number from an array?

If you are a beginner and want to know selenium basic setup you can click here and if you want to download selenium jars and drivers you can go through selenium official website or simply click here

Please go through each and every question with an example and do practice and attend the interview confidently. I assure you will definitely clear the interview in 2 to 3 attempts.

All the best guys ?

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